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Active speakers with HDMI ARC, Bluetooth and SUB output.


Entradas y salidas
Entrada analógica RCA
Entrada óptica
Bluetooth 5.0
Entrada USB para la reproducción de ficheros
Salida de subwoofer
Potencia: 25W x 2 de potencia RMS
Respuesta de frecuencia:
Woofer de 4 pulgadas (116 mm)
Tweeter de cúpula de seda de Φ13 mm
16.8 x 22.3 x 15 cm (largo + alto + ancho)
3.15kg / conjunto

Shipping & Returns

Altavoces activos VULKKANO A4 ARC
Control remoto
2 x pilas AAA
Manual de usuario
Adaptador de corriente EU
Cable estéreo 3.5mm a 2RCA
Cable estéreo RCA
Cable óptico digital
Cable de conexión altavoces
Rejillas protectoras

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Versatile and defined

Versatility and definition share space and time in the VULKKANO A4 ARC version. Use them in any context and with sound sources of all kinds, including your television. Objective: to improve the sound and taste a sound that matches your favorite content.

Guaranteed power

With 4" woofers and a total power of 50W, these active speakers reproduce outstanding audio, with deep bass and well-present mids so that sound fidelity is one of their keys.

HDMI ARC and subwoofer output

Its compact and ergonomic design allows the incorporation of an HDMI ARC connection to connect directly to the TV and guarantee a clear and stable sound response. And if you want to increase the forcefulness in low frequencies, you will only have to add a subwoofer and shake everything.

  • Bespoke customization

    More bass to listen to electronics? Better treble response with classical music? You can customize the sound to your liking thanks to the integration of an available equalizer on the back of the speakers.

  • Everything remote

    The included remote control makes it easy to manage the speakers and with it, their use is easier. Through the control you can manage functions such as raising and lowering the volume, skipping tracks or pausing and resuming playback whenever you want.