Bluetooth speakers

Looking for the best bluetooth speaker? At VULKKANO we have it. Enjoy crystal clear sound with our range of portable speakers to take advantage of the freedom of music on the move.

What do the best Bluetooth speakers have?

Wireless speakers have become an essential complement to our daily lives. The option of listening to music wherever we go without having to connect them to the light is the biggest attraction of this type of speakers. But what makes a wireless Bluetooth speaker different from the rest? Keep reading!

Power and battery

If the Vulkkano Bluetooth speakers stand out for something, it is because of their power . Despite their compact size, the Bullet+ and Blast XL models are capable of reaching 20W and 60W. Thus, you will be able to listen to them at maximum volume without distortions and with the high sound quality offered by their internal components.

On the other hand, the battery is the most important element of a portable Bluetooth speaker. Through its USB charging port we have hours and hours of battery life to use our speaker outside the home or while we work.

sound profile

Due to their internal construction, this type of speakers reproduce sound with excess bass. In the case of vulkkano portable Bluetooth speakers, the sound is transmitted clearly and clearly to listen to any musical genre wirelessly.

Whether outdoors or indoors, you will perceive the impact of low frequencies without losing detail in mid and high frequencies. They are perfect for listening to genres such as pop, rock or hip-hop, without giving up instrumental or vocal music.

Bluetooth connection

Both the small Bullet+ and the Blast XL integrate Bluetooth 5.0 for seamless wireless audio quality. Quickly pair your portable Bluetooth speaker to your smartphone and keep the music playing.

It also has an AUX input to connect the speaker to a mobile phone or portable player and turn your home combo into a music system.

Water and shock resistance

An outdoor Bluetooth speaker should be protected from elements such as water or dust. The so-called IP protocols are used, the objective of which is that the speaker is not damaged when it rains or while we enjoy a day at the beach.

When buying a Bluetooth speaker, it is also important to look at its construction. The wireless Vulkkano are manufactured with non-slip and shock-resistant materials to increase their useful life.

The control panel is protected with rubber material for a soft touch.

Microphone and hands-free

The microphone integrated into the speakers allows you to make hands-free calls without having to use your cell phone. Whether you are at home or on the street, manage your calls easily through the controls present on the vulkkano.

360º sound

A powerful Bluetooth speaker is sometimes not enough. Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity, you can pair two Vulkkano at the same time and create a stereo pair to obtain 360º surround sound .

Why buy Vulkkano bluetooth speakers

After this review and if you are looking for a small Bluetooth speaker that is also powerful and robust, our Blast+ and XL models are the best option.

In our online store you can also find a wide range of active and desktop speakers for TV, computer and turntables. Additionally, you can design your own 2.1 system with the Vulkkano SUB6 and SUB8 subwoofers ; and complete it with the S4 and S60 supports.

Take advantage of free shipping throughout the European Union and stay tuned for our sales times to buy discounted Vulkkano speakers.