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To Península, Baleares and all European Union.

Active speakers with HDMI ARC input and subwoofer output.


50W x 2 de potencia RMS
Respuesta de frecuencia:
Woofer de 5,25"
Tweeter de cúpula de seda de 1 pulgada
Entradas y salidas:
Analógica RCA
Bluetooth 5.0
USB para la lectura de pistas
Salida de subwoofer
16.8 x 24 x 27.8 cm (largo x alto x ancho)
7.05kg / conjunto

Shipping & Returns

Altavoces activos VULKKANO A5 ARC
Control remoto
2 x pilas AAA
Manual de usuario
Adaptador de corriente EU
Cable estéreo 3.5mm a RCA
Cable estéreo RCA
Cable óptico digital
Cable de conexión altavoces
Rejillas protectoras

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This is how high fidelity sounds

With 100W of power and top-tier components, the A5 ARC active speakers house a 5.25" woofer designed to deliver ultra-deep bass combined with very close mids.

In addition, its tweeter delivers extended highs that do not lose detail to take your sound experience to another dimension.

Plug&Play: straight to your TV

Having an HDMI ARC input is the biggest advantage of these compact active speakers. With a Plug & Play philosophy, you only have to connect the VULKKANO A5 ARC to your TV and enjoy your favorite series, movies and content.

Extend the impact

On the other hand, and if bass is your thing, it's time to take advantage of the SUB output and add a subwoofer to vibrate to the fullest with the best sound. Feel the real impact!

With bluetooth and more

The integration of Bluetooth to use your speakers without cables is a reality. It also has an analog RCA input and an optical input so you can make the most of each of the connections on your A5 ARC.

  • Made to like

    The design of the speakers is designed to fall in love. Its elegant black finish is a safe bet to place in any corner of your home, office or recording studio. The use of the best materials guarantee a design of ten.

  • Sound modes and remote control

    The remote control of the A5 ARC is the most complete of all. You can switch between different sound modes to customize the sound response based on the content being played. Do not move from the armchair and control everything.