VULKKANO subwoofers, complement your loudspeakers

The mission of a subwoofer speaker is clear: to emphasise the low frequencies and give your system a punchier, more immersive sound.

Home subwoofers are capable of reproducing your favourite movie soundtrack, explosions, footsteps, among many other sound effects.

But what are active subwoofers; is it always a good idea to add a subwoofer; what does it add to our sound experience? We invite you to discover our line of Vulkkano subwoofers.

Tips for using subwoofer speakers

The subwoofer is a loudspeaker capable of reproducing low and sub-bass frequencies that speakers are not capable of reaching.

In sound, the so-called .1 is achieved by connecting an active subwoofer to your stereo speakers through the SUB output via RCA or LFE connection. Thus, we obtain a multichannel audio system valid for enjoying music and cinema at home.

Types of subwoofers

Generally speaking, subwoofer types are divided into two large groups: active/passive and open/sealed . Let's see what their differences are.

Active and passive subwoofers

Our active subwoofer speaker models SUB6 and SUB8 incorporate an internal amplifier that allows them to operate autonomously. This helps make using the SUB easier, and you can perform functions such as volume control or sound pressure level.

Passive subwoofers, for their part, do require an external amplifier or AVR receiver to be able to sound and integrate with the rest of the speakers.

So, if you are looking for a cinema subwoofer or a high fidelity subwoofer to combine with any of our active speakers, opt for the vulkkano subwoofers .

Open and sealed subwoofers

Sealed subwoofers are so called because their enclosure is completely closed.

They are suitable for home theaters, but, above all, they are recommended for music to achieve more precise bass.

Vulkkano subwoofers are open because they incorporate a bass reflex that allows air to escape and, as a consequence, a more defined sound without vibrations.

In the SUB6 model we find the opening in the front of the subwoofer; while in the SUB8, it is located on one of the sides. The advantage of this, compared to those with rear bass reflex, is the ease of placing them in our room.

How to place a vulkkano subwoofer

Placing the subwoofer correctly is very important if we want to get the most out of our sound experience.

As part of the home cinema, the SUB is placed in one of the corners next to the speakers and the TV or projection screen. It should be away from walls and elements that block the passage of sound to guarantee the best response in low frequencies.

Furthermore, before installing it, it is necessary to do various sound tests throughout the room to locate the best listening point. With a very simple connection between your subwoofer and speakers, you will get a unique home theater system.

Qualities of the best subwoofer speakers

As we have seen, the benefits of a subwoofer are multiple . Let's analyze its key points:


The Vulkkano subwoofer catalog consists of the aforementioned SUB6 and SUB8 . The first has a 6.5" woofer while the second stands out for its 8" woofer, both with the capacity to fill medium-sized rooms.


In the connections section, our subwoofers stand out for their ease of connection to the Vulkkano active speakers . Through RCA inputs and outputs, you can connect all the elements that make up your home theater. In addition, the SUB6 has Bluetooth to receive the signal wirelessly.


The design is the biggest attraction of the vulkkano subs. The slim format of the SUB6 is perfect for placing in small spaces thanks to its light weight and compact dimensions.

The SUB8, for its part, has a square box-type design and weighs around 5kg. It is built with MDF wood, to achieve a robust and elegant appearance .

Why buy VULKKANO subwoofers

As you can see, Vulkkano subwoofers are the perfect complement to your active speakers. Explore our catalog and discover the entire range of speakers with HDMI ARC to connect to the TV quickly.

Our A4 ARC , A5 ARC and A6 ARC speakers shine in all usage scenarios. Combine them with their S60 floor stands to place them next to the TV next to the SUB and enjoy a unique sound impact.

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