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Active speakers with bluetooth and 50W of power.


25W x 2 de potencia RMS
Respuesta de frecuencia:
Woofer de 4 pulgadas (116 mm)
Tweeter de cúpula de seda de Φ13 mm
Analógica RCA
Bluetooth 5.0
16.8 x 22.3 x 15 cm (largo x alto x ancho)
3.15kg / conjunto

Shipping & Returns

Altavoces activos VULKKANO A4
Control remoto
2 x pilas AAA
Manual de usuario
Adaptador de corriente EU
Cable estéreo 3.5mm a 2RCA
Cable estéreo RCA
Cable óptico digital
Rejillas protectoras
Cable de conexión altavoces

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What do you want to connect them to?

The VULKKANO A4 are the best option for your living room or study thanks to its assortment of connections, among which its Bluetooth connection, USB input, optical input and coaxial input stand out. Your favorite music takes on a new dimension with the most compact assets in the range.

The power you need

With 50W of power and a sound richness worthy of the best speakers. They stand out for reproducing a sound full of balance in all frequencies without giving up the forcefulness of the bass, the sharpness of the treble and the importance of well-placed mids.

The best components

This pair of speakers houses a 4" woofer and a tweeter designed to offer a sound full of detail.

Made with the best components, the A4 are designed to fill any space with sound.

Customize the sound to your liking

The sound you want to hear when you want to hear it. Its equalization panel allows you to customize the response in bass and treble and adapt the response of the speaker to your taste and favorite musical genres.

  • Place it where you want

    Its elegant brown-tone finish makes VULKKANO A4s an ideal accessory to place on a shelf or piece of furniture in your living room, office, bedroom or recording studio.

  • Control from anywhere

    The exclusive remote control that these active speakers include will facilitate their control and the execution of functions such as raising and lowering volume, skipping tracks or pausing and resuming playback. From a distance and with maximum effectiveness.