Table speakers

Vulkkano desktop speakers are one of the best options for listening to music with all your sound sources. As PC speakers, for TV or combined with a record player, they are perfect for use in small spaces.

These active speakers with a unique design and an unrivaled quality-price ratio play a fundamental role in our increasingly extensive and dedicated catalogue. Take note!

Qualities of the best desktop speakers

The best bluetooth desktop speakers are at VULKKANO. This speaker system differs from the 2.0 speakers by integrating all components in a single body and getting all the sound quality.

Although they have a bluetooth connection, they need to be connected to a power source to work, as they do not have a built-in battery like regular bluetooth speakers. Let's discover them!

Power and components

Our VULKKANO T50 ARC and T40 ARC are capable of 50W and 40W rms power at maximum volume without distortion. This is possible thanks to the internal amplifier and the other components such as the woofer, tweeter and bass reflex present in the set.

With a frequency response of 45Hz-20kHz they achieve true high-end sound with all genres of music. This type of home speakers fill small rooms with sound, and are easily placed on shelves or small furniture.

Extensive connection panel

The connection panel of the desktop speakers is packed with inputs and outputs that allow you to get the most out of them with all your sound sources.

If you are looking for TV speakers, our desktop speakers come with HDMI ARC and optical input. The HDMI ARC is the best option for the TV, as it allows you to manage the volume from its own remote control in the most comfortable way. On the other hand, the optical input is the most suitable if our TV does not have ARC and we want to get the best audio quality.

On the other hand, and also on the rear panel, we find the USB port and the RCA input to connect a record player or a CD player. In addition, the 3.5 mm aux input makes them ideal for use as desktop computer speakers.

The T40 ARC and T50 ARC feature Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity with no dropouts to dull your listening experience.

Vintage design

Our table lamps offer a design full of style. Constructed from brown MDF wood, they have a modern aesthetic without losing sight of the vintage look. Grey anti-dust grilles are fitted to prevent damage to the components and keep the speakers clean at all times.

You can control them with the included remote control, or via the control wheels on the top panel of the speakers. Raising and lowering the volume, changing the song or equalising the sound are some of the functions you can perform.

Why buy Vulkkano desktop speakers?

With vulkkano desktop speakers you get the best qualities of each speaker in a unique format.

Discover our ranges of active speakers, home subwoofers, accessories and portable bluetooth speakers to take with you wherever you go. Our A4 ARC, A5 ARC and A6 ARC are great for use with TVs because of their sound performance. You'll feel the impact of your favourite content right from the start.

The vulkkano Bullet+ and Blast XL with bluetooth connectivity, meanwhile, stand up to everything with unrivalled sound quality.

Keep an eye on our special offers all year round, and take advantage of free shipping throughout the European Union - the best desktop speakers are waiting for you!